I enjoy every build. Working with someone to create an instrument, or tool of their craft if you will, that will be used to bring their music to life is what drives me; but every once in a while a project comes along that really pushes the envelope creatively.

Once such project was the “DARKHANGEL” build with Kev Bower, Guitarist from the metal band HELL.  From the start, the concept intrigued me and I have to admit, being a HELL fan myself, I was a bit star struck at the prospect of creating Kev’s new axe ……..

Given the band’s visceral imagery and sonic fury, this build required something well above and beyond the ordinary. Over several months, Kev’s vision combined seamlessly with mine as we worked together to create the “DARKHANGEL”, an instrument both visually stunning and musically versatile. We discussed everything in great detail – starting with the initial concept, selection of the highest grade tonewoods, a killer quilt top with an over-the-top Trans Black finish, multi-ply binding upgrades, an “Official” Floyd Rose Tremolo, several very unique flourishes and at the heart of this beast, a custom wound set of “Charlotte” pickups from the incredibly talented Josh Gravelin of Gravelin Pickups.


Once the final spec was fully laid out, I got to work in the wood shop…..

 When working on the inlays, fingerboard, and binding, every corner has to be tight, every line just so, there is no room for mistakes…..

But it all pays off when it looks like this in the end….

 Routing for the pickups ….. 
Going from sawdust to perfection….

A Reverse Headstock, perfectly lined up and spaced for the Floyd, then add bit of color and in the end, it’s ready for a few final touches…..

Some creative thinking went into adding a bit of personality…… 

and DARKHANGEL is ready to Rock, Roll and create some Evil…..