The Philosophy at Shishkov Guitars is Simple:


Meticulously build each guitar using only the best materials and processes to create an instrument that delivers superior playability, tone and artistic appeal. We work directly with you during the entire build process to ensure that your guitar is a perfect fit for your own unique style. All Shishkov guitars can be customized with a wide range of options, including scale length (24.75” or 25.5”), choice of tone woods, neck profile, pickup and wiring configurations, hardware, finish choices, and personalized inlays. We love talking with you about your ideas and getting you involved during the process of building your ideal guitar!

Custom Features

Premium Figured Tops

Premium Figured Tops

We use only premium grade (5A or better) tops and each one is hand picked by Mike to ensure that your guitar looks as amazing as it sounds.

Hand Blended Neck Heels

Hand Blended Neck Heels

Mike hand blends each neck heel to provide the ultimate in playability and comfort for screaming lead lines with unrestricted access high up on the neck.

Custom Gravelin Pickups

Custom Gravelin Pickups

Each model features custom designed and hand wound pickups that have been specifically voiced to match our instruments by master designer Josh Gravelin.

Shishkov Originals

Taking the traditional and then kicking it up a notch, our models were designed with the player in mind, to bring you unmatched craftmanship and playability. All of our designs are as versatile as they are beautiful, while being fully customizable to match your unique style!

What the players have to say

The Shishkov 'Darkhangel' is quite simply the best guitar I've ever played. It's certainly the only instrument I've ever experienced which instantly felt like 'mine' the second I first picked it up. It's a rare but hugely admirable combination of flawless, impeccable build standards, using exceptional quality of materials - and above all - true artistry in the way it's all been so skillfully put together by this master luthier. It roars, it screams, and it thunders - but it also whispers, sighs and caresses when you need it to. An absolute work of art"
Kev Bower

Kev Bower

Mike's work has been a presence in my music for many years. Most of my Hamer guitars were largely built by him (still use them), and the precision (and passion) that he brings to his craft have continued straight through to his current work under his own name. My Shishkov Ultimate (#31) is a dream to play - the tone and resonance are off the charts, it has a super-slick feel (even with the BIG neck I requested), and it gets "oohs" and “ahhs” every time I bring it onstage with THE HOOTERS (it’s a stunner to look at). Oh, and even though I’m a stickler for these things and check them at every gig (ask my tech, who loves the guitar as well), I haven’t had to tweak the intonation - not even once. Thanks Mike - for all of the great years and more to come!
Tommy Williams

Tommy Williams

The Hooters, Debbie Gibson, Wonderous Stories
All of Mikes creations are stunning and his workmanship is mind boggling. It's nothing short of amazing. His guitars resonate and feel like an old friend from day one and it doesn't hurt that they are drop dead gorgeous on top of it all. They are simply the best handmade guitars in the world. Period.I'm honored to be a Shishkov player and Artist! Thank You!
Danny Click

Danny Click

DC and The Hell Yeahs!

The Shishkov Guitars Story

I had the good fortune to learn from some of the best master craftsmen in the business as well as the pleasure to work on some of the most iconic electric guitars ever built during my long tenure at HAMER Guitars. When the time came to move on to the next chapter, I dreamed of being able to continue the legacy of combining artistry with old world craftsmanship to hand build some of the finest instruments available.

When I launched Shishkov Guitars in 2014, I was humbled beyond words at the overwhelming support from an amazing group of guitar enthusiasts who helped propel my dream to reality. As a small custom builder, I have embraced the opportunity to approach each build as a collaborative process between myself and the player who will use the instruments that I create. As I look to the future, I am constantly working to push the envelope on my creations and am excited to work with you to make the guitar of your dreams a reality!

To get things started, please email us using the "Contact Us" form, and include your contact information, the guitar you are interested in and any general questions or ideas you have. I will then contact you to discuss the details and answer any questions you may have.

Once the initial project is laid out you will be given a quote and a 25% non-refundable deposit would be needed to confirm your order and put your build on the production schedule. An additional 25% deposit is required when your build is started and the balance is due when your guitar is complete and ready to ship.

Let’s Rock!

Mike Shishkov

What's Been Going on in the Shop

What headed out of the shop this week? One sweet sounding, classy looking DC Custom. I hated to send her off, but am happy she’s landed safely in the northwest and is making some noise tonight!

The old growth redwood, chambered black limba, Graphtech resomax wraparound bridge and ghost piezo system combined with Gravelin Pickups; all bound up with multi-ply ivoroid and a touch of ebony here and there create one hell of a versatile axe. Enjoy it loudly Donald J Oblander!
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1 week ago


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Wow..that is a nice guitar

Beautiful instrument. Mark Sluder and Nate Kangas every seen a Shishkov before?

The WOW factor is high!

Sweet axe

They keep getting better and better...

Pretty little beast there

What a stunner! Bravo, Mike and Don.

Just . Absoulutely . Outstanding.

Tak Makino

Beautiful work!!

William Raymond Thimmes


Nice axe


Sweetness Django! Enjoy that immensely!

I love it 👍

Root beer!

What is the black triangular piece on the headstock for?

Wow! Just wow!

Awesome. 💕

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Combine the DiMarzio Chopper T bridge pickup with TV Jones PowerTron neck pickup, some cool TV Jones knobs and the Schroeder TL Bridge over a classic orange sparkle finish and you have Vintage Vibe all the way.....

Jason Z. Schroeder Guitars
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4 weeks ago

I’m blown away by the demo video Master Guitarist Geoff Waldron did with the DC Custom. The video is freakin fantastic and really highlights the versatility and beauty of the guitar and Josh Gravelin pickups. Thank you Geoff Waldron for creating such an amazing video!

Check out the video at
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3 months ago

Video image


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Pretty guitar. Looks like a lot of influence from PRS to me.

Incredible!!! Keep up the good work

Sorry don’t like the sound

Joe Jarusinsky may find this interesting.

That was absolutely the most beautiful guitar. I want it more than I do a Les Paul I think.

Unreal tone.

Sounds like the fret scale is spot on. Beautiful intonation

I'll never look up the price, it beat the fuck outta the cheapest 3500 Les Paul, cuz that's what it is, and a whole lot more, when I can play that well, I might look up the price

Check em out David Gonzales, René Santana and Landon Mitchell

Very nice,very impressed.

Beautiful instrument!

Happy New year!

Good lord the sustain on that beauty is incredible.

Bill Riley

Zen man and Shishkov are both masters of their craft.

Very nice.

Beautiful tone and craftsmanship!

Yes, the tonal range is really highlighted. Great combination of wood, pickups and craftsmanship.

A beautiful instrument, truly a top draw build... any player would be proud to own one...

How much?

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Red Hot and ready to rock the neighborhood! This is one bad-ass Super-C!

Gravelin Pickups
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3 months ago


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This is Gorgeous!!!

Wow! 😲

I just fainted...[thud].

Wow, love it

Suck me sideways!

You are killing me....


Absolutely gorgeous

Holy shit 😍

Love your work man!

Wow, that heel!👌🤘💚




Stunning.. .. What wood is the neck?

Wow. That is beautiful.

Where can I get piece of wood like that???

That is badass

Thats a sexy beaoch right their

How much to buy one?

It’s almost too damn beautiful to play.

Yowza! Maybe my favorite Shishkov yet...and that’s really saying something!

Where are these made how much do they cost?

Reminds me of p.r.s,beautiful guitar.

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